Project ATO 2019

Project Chateau ATO is the result of collaboration between members of the beloved SMU Texas Delta Epsilon Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity along with the lovely and beautiful ATO Little Sisters. The concept grew out of the desire for an exclusive place provided annually by SMU during the Homecoming Celebration for ALL brothers, little sisters, as well as friends and family to meet, catch-up, reminisce, and recharge without being part of the formal reunion class events. Very much what existed before the SMU ATO Death Penalty when homecoming meant visiting the HOUSE without knowing who would be there but trusting it would always be interesting.


SMU was approached with the idea for Project Chateau ATO in 2016 and recognized that the ATO alumni and ATO Little Sister alumna wanted to be acknowledged and welcomed back to the Hilltop. SMU further understood that this request had nothing to do with the Alpha Tau Omega national office. SMU has granted our request and is eager to accommodate the reconnection to those of us that have been alienated by the combination of unfortunate events that caused the demise of something held dear by many and not completely understood by others.


For ONE Saturday, every year, there is an event sponsored by SMU Alumni Relations with official BOULEVARD space provided by SMU Athletics. The Chateau ATO will provide continual hospitality starting 2 hours before kick-off. SMU has guaranteed that a small group of tickets will always be available for the Chateau ATO. By scheduling this event on Game Day, this event will never interfere with planned and structured SMU homecoming class parties.

Very Simple. Very Predictable. Very Fun.


The Project Chateau ATO community welcomes you to enjoy this inaugural one-day annual event and gratefully acknowledges your support.